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How does it affect me?

The NDIS affects everyone differently. Some groups of participants and carers face challenges that are very different from others. These may be because of their age, culture, the language they speak at home, where the person with a disability lives, and the type of disability they have.

There are a range of fact sheets to help you navigate early childhood NDIS supports.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander carers

Culturally and linguistically diverse carers

Rural and remote carers

Young carers

Early childhood intervention approach

Mental health carers

Supporting carers to prepare for the NDIS

To get the best plan for the person you care for, it’s important to be ready for your planning meeting. This means understanding how much funding you’re getting now, the number of hours and the type of carer support you provide, your challenges and frustrations, and the kind of support the person with disability needs to meet their goals.

You can find examples of the questions you might be asked on the NDIS website.

You will also need to take documented evidence to your planning meeting to support your case. Recommended documents are:

  • reports, functional assessments and information on the person’s disability
  • good day and bad day scenarios, so that all necessary support is captured
  • completed Carers Checklist <link to Carers Checklist> or completed Mental Health Carer Checklist <link to Mental Health Carer checklist>
  • documented strengths, interests, challenges in daily activities
  • documented short-term and long-term goals.
  • completed NDIS Booklet 2 – Planning <link to >
  • Carers Statement (Examples are available)
  • evidence of age and residency to verify the participant’s Access Request
  • bank account details (to be used for NDIS participant funds).

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